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    Did you know that your half link chain should run in a specific direction?!
    Yep, it’s not as simple as just slapping it on and “you’re good to go”… Half link chains need to run in a specific direction so that the load when pedaling is spread evenly across the stronger front facing links/ pins.
    This applies to ALL half link chains, regardless of the brand.

    Take note from the photo/video and tips below:
    The big part of the link should be in front- in front of the smaller side of the link.
    The rounded part of the link should face the sprocket teeth.

    *Half Link chains do not have a master link.

    Use a decent chain tool when working with half-link chains. They are trickier than regular BMX chains.
    Check out our selection of Half Link chains here: Half Link Chains

    * * *

    What will happen if you run the chain the wrong way around?

    Its likely your chain will stretch faster than if it was run the correct way. More importantly, it will wear the teeth on your sprocket and hub driver down in a way that will force you to run the chain the wrong way around every time you change chains. Will will result in a noisy drive train amongst other things.

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