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Salvo History

About Salvo

Shot and edited by Josh Fox, this is an awesome short documentary about the company Salvo.

Salvo is a BMX frame building company based in Observatory, Cape Town. It was co-founded and is managed by Toby Groenewald and Gerrie Van Dalen, two childhood friends who share a passion for BMX riding, and always had the dream of one day building their own bikes. That dream become a realization three decades after they first met when they founded the company Salvo. This film documents the brand Salvo; the bikes, the creators behind it and the team riders: Malcolm Peters, David Rigby and Wayne Reiche. It takes a look at how the custom bike frames are hand built in the workshop and it captures the craftsmanship that goes into this process. The owners of Salvo design and build their frames out of a love and passion for something that has enriched their lives for over 30 years, BMX – Josh Fox.

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