// About Us


A lil bit about this old boat we’ve been sailing for the past 14 20 or so years…

Many people call in and ask if BMX Direct have an actual shop or do we only trade online. Have a gander and find out more about us.

Yes it’s true, not too many moons ago we operated out of a garage in a sub-urban neighborhood. It was all fun and games for a good while; house parties, sleep overs, late night bike builds… Things got a little out of hand till there was no space left to live. A three bedroom house/double door garage full of people, animals(my pets), boxes and boxes of parts and bikes is only big enough to hold so much. We had to make a move.

And so we did! BMX Direct is now a full functioning store, work shop, mail order and a place to hang out. Nothing glamorous, just a rad place for dudes to get bike parts, ride a little and hang out while building wheels or getting their bike built.

Alot of you visited us in our old dig. It was a base for BMX in Durban for many years, now in our 400sq warehouse we feel like we are the base for BMX in South Africa. Big words, well, we have been around supplying BMX product for more than a decade, and, are the only true supplier of BMX on the African continent. If you have ever ordered from us online, been by our shop or even picked up a bike from us at the skatepark, then you would know exactly what I mean – Schogn Lee CEO/ Owner (proudly rider owned and operated)

Thank you for being part of what we do.

Want to know more about how things work? Also see the FAQ page and the “How do I order from BMX Direct” pages.