Common tech issues and maintenance tips


  1. @

    ISSUE:your bike rattles worse than a old lady with hip displatia and a rusty walker.
    CAUSE: your parents are cheapskates and bought you a raleigh burner.

    Nice one hank

  2. James

    Always make sure you have the right headset bearings. They must be 45* bearigns. If you use MTB bearings of 36* then they’ll die pretty quick and give you that horrible clicking noise when turning the bars.

    Big/high bars are def the best for back pain but Ruben’s pain came partially for the way the chewed his food. It’s in the Dig 90th interview.

    Great artical though. Too many people don’t know how to keep their rig running.

  3. David

    Thanks for the insight, really useful. I never even considered the shoe thing. Good work.

  4. Johnty

    I like the last one, and take your headphones out when sessioning with a crew! Whats the point of riding with your friends if you can’t even shoot the shit with them?
    Also, some people must learn the difference between lube and grease, your bike(and possibly lady friend) will be very glad.

  5. DB105

    This is a very informative article..
    Working with bikes daily one tends to release that its the small details that makes the difference..

    When it Comes to bmx ii do not know anyone who knows more than Hank aka. BmxDirect
    on a visit to him he even changed or shall i rather say improved my setup by just setting it up correctly…

    Thanks for this article…

    Oh guys if you do not know something, ask someone who does… it will save you money and your bike



  6. Chris Peens

    when someone says: “aaah but i cant do it..” tel them to put their bike down and pick up a scooter because they are a panzy for not even trying it!! haha

  7. chance ferster

    i recently took apart my rear hubs to clean the sprocket and bearings aflter i cleaned it i relized i didnt have any grease and i was missing two bearings so i decided to put it back together any ways with some bag balm. at this point i didnt care how much this f*** up my bike i just wanted to ride so i put it together and i instantly heard the terrible grinding sound when i pedaled and knew that couldnt be good.

    what should i do

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