BMX Hub and Crank Bearing sizes

Stranger Crux Wheel Set - Black - 9t - Sealed Bearing - Female Front Hub


  1. Jesson lozano

    How much the bearing
    For bmx
    Size = r12-2rs

  2. Piotr

    Do u have the 5902-RS bearing??

    1. Hankey

      No sorry, we dont stock that size.

  3. Leeland Woods

    I have a bike I have had for awhile now need new crank bearings and I can’t find the specs for the bike tried using the serial number and not sure if or how I can measure it to find the size

    1. Hankey

      I just updated the post on how to measure the a bearing. If you can measure it accurately and match the sizes below you should know which is the correct one to get.

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