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A BMX is all you need.

I could not even begin to imagine the challenges of living on the street, then throwing your bike in the mix is a whole new mountain. Just wow. The world is a fucked up place.

This Cactusblood Original is a short film on the life of two fellow BMX riders that have succumb to homelessness on the harsh streets of Los Angeles.
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A few weeks back we went out on a regular day filming mission at a L.A. ditch spot to work on a video part with Professional BMX’er Dakota Roche. Upon reaching the spot I noticed a dude in his 30’s on a BMX at the other side of the water channel, I said “What up?”. He responded “Not a lot just hanging around”. He couldn’t reach us because of the water channel and then I began to think what spot was on the other side he was riding. There wasn’t one, it was his home. We started talking across the water about BMX parts and that he needed tires so I told him “Dude next time I’m here I’ll bring some”. He was siked, I then asked if it would be ok to film and get his story without any hesitation he said “Yeah for sure, today?”. I told him I needed my mic setup and other equipment so it wouldn’t be until the following week.

We went back to the spot the next day surprisingly and sure enough Ross was there happy to see us, stocked him up with tires, grips, tees, pants, stickers and anything that would help him with his BMX passion. We filmed for an hour or so and got to know the dude. Out of no where he said “A friend of mine Mickey is supposed to come, he should be here any minute”. Sure enough “Mickey Lundy” did come and he turned out to be a Professional Racer from the 80s who rode for Race Inc and Oakley back in his peak. Mickey lives 200 feet from Ross in the ditch and has so for 4 years after his mother passed. He has never stopped riding and see’s no signs of ever stopping, Sometimes when you have nothing a BMX is all you need. Please enjoy this feature and follow/subscribe to our Channel below.

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