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BMX DIrect LR hub

About time…

Adding to the range of Value goods that we currently stock, these are switchable 9t cassette hubs as found on many of the top end Complete Bikes.

I didn’t really know what to call them, so we decided on the “BMX Direct LR Hub“(Left/Right). As these are generic 9t cassettes generally found on most top end completes, calling this hub something epic would just be kinda pointless. Price point is good, 950bucks for a solid hub is what alot of you guys have been asking for. We have upped the ante and built them into wheels too. Primo Balance rim and spokes and you know your set on quality. R1550 isn’t half bad, wait!, that includes delivery too. Thats the best deal you will find anywhere on a wheel of this sort.

BMX Direct LR hub
BMX Direct LR hub
BMX Direct LR hub
Left Right Switchable Driver


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