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This isn’t a How to…

Web videos are a huge tool for companies and riders alike. Not to long ago it was all about magazine, VHS or DVD coverage. Riders would mail their Sponsor Me tapes to various companies and probably never hear back or even know if it ever got watched.

Today it’s as simple as dropping a short edit on a video host and share it with your favorite brand/companies and your friends. You can pretty much be guaranteed it will get watched. So, it only makes sense to keep up with the times and produce better edits with better equipment. Anyone can point and shoot a video camera, but quality work does not come fast and easy. As with all things; what you put in- is what you get out.
Pretty much everyone has some sort of a camera now days. Regardless of what you do with the footage; your time and effort went into the making of the final result. So obviously you would want it look the best it can… Lets get on with it.

What Mom said…
“Practice makes perfect” Well it takes more than that. Get out there, film anything and everything. Get to know what you and your camera is capable of doing. Film the traffic, random people, random things… Experiment with your editing software, the better you know how; the faster your work flow will be.

Short n sweet.
Keep it short. It’s a web edit, not a documentary. 3 minutes is good. 4 minutes is pushing it.

What motivates you to pick up a camera and film? Do more of that and focus on whats important- the person or thing you are filming.

Better content = Better result.

Be prepared.
Keep your equipment safe and clean. Lens caps, fresh tapes a lens pen is just as important as the camera itself. I find a knuckle-duster or tripod comes in handy in some situations too.

Know your gear.
Be familiar with your camera and accessories. Subscribe to a few online forums and learn a few things from people who really know their stuff.

Choose the correct file type to shoot in or capture i.e Make sure your video editing software is compatible with your camera. This makes things easier when having to render then upload to video services like vimeo or youtube. Learn how to properly render/compress from your video software. It’s no use you have a posh HD camera and your edits turn out like those shitty a facebook videos because you don’t know what settings to choose.


Bro cam.
Not everyone is cut out to hold onto a camera. Heavy smokers and guys who need excessive amounts of coffee are usually the worst kind. But I know first hand beggars cant be choosers, but atleast have a side-kick around that has some idea that your not supposed to look like your on a rubber dingy.

Old camera? Cool story bro.
If you have a shady camera, try avoid low light/night time footage. Most cameras respond better to bright sunny days or well lit parking lots. Know your cameras limits or find a better angle.

What are you trying to say.
Using the latest song off your favorite bands new album isn’t always the best way to go. Personally if I am not feeling what im hearing in the first few seconds I will close the tab or turn the sound off. The music you choose sets the mood/tone of your work, it should also suit the content of what you are editing.

Mo’ Music.
Have a stash. Collect music ideas while you browse the web, talk to friends, watch a movie… Even if you cant find it or download it right away; have a text file (or a blank message on your phone)handy and take the song name down and get back to it later.

Effects or no effects.
Less is more.

Be conscious of your surroundings.
Use the landscape around you to better your footage. Angles are important. Random/interesting footage is even more important. It gives the viewer more to see and enjoy watching.

If we were meant to see everything in the fisheye effect; us humans would have been born with buttons on the sides of our heads. Get a real camera if you think your getting serious.

If your filming a person or persons. Try have a close up of his face or a wide shot with the person/s at ease. It’s nice for the viewer to know who is in the edit or the mood of the person/s in the edit.

Have some background noise. Skatepark noises, sounds of the street… Your camera has a mic, use it, even if it is just a little.

Above all.
Have fun, it will shine through in your work. Make people want to be there and experience what you were doing at the time.

I hope some of this helps. Remember! It is only a cheap guide to help you find your own way.

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