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Beach Park Massive Represent!

So, this was pretty much an excuse for me to get familiar with some new camera gear I had acquired. I ended up floggin my old clunky Sony for something sleeker and more compact. I grabbed some of the park locals and filmed some stuff over a 2 week period. It’s all fun and games and good times with great people. It’s Friday, if this doesn’t make you smile, then I guess your in for a lousy weekend…

Oh, while your at it, you may as well join our Beach Park Massive group to stay on top of what we Durbanites get up to.

Andrew Taylor
Brandon Carey
Dane Smith
Schogn Lee
Liyana Ndlovi
Kieran aka Chad K
Chris Nderitu
Jonathan Soloman
Claudio Ngcobo

Music by Bo Diddley – Pretty Thing 1955
Music and Video Samples from “Durban (1962) – British Pathe

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