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BMX Flatland Tricks 101

Nice basics video from a long time friend Jittipong, over in Bangkok.

Hello BMX fellows.
I’m BMX flatlander from thailand, I has been riding since old-school era to new-school era, With more than 18 years of my BMX experience. Today i will show several tricks of mid-school & new-school trick in one day session. Thank you for watching.
Contact me :
BMX Trick List
– Trackstand
– Firehydrant
– Riding Backwards
– Cyclone Backwards
– Lardyard
– Mega Spin
– Merry Go-Round
– Back Yard
– Caboose
– Circle K
– Corss-Hand Stream Roller
– Hang5
– Hitchiker
– Peg Wheelie
– Backpacker
– Carl Cruiser / Seat Truck
– Timemachine
– Funky Chicken
– Frontyard
– Cherry Picker
– Mc Circle
– Crack Packer
– Pinky Squeaks
– Cliffhanger
Music : Omission – Huma-Huma

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