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Checking in with Stu + edit

When you hear the phrase ’10 clips’ you think 10 tricks right?.. think again. We check in with Stu and a lil edit to keep things rolling.

Where are you right now:
I am at home, cooking up a Big Boy breakfast and having a fresh cup of coffee. Currently playing “Dante’s Inferno” on Xbox 360, just waiting until we leave for todays afternoon Beach session.

What are you up to:
I am currently just riding, learning how to edit, keeping it chilled so my body is all good for Ghetto Jam. The thing i do day-to-day is ride and film with Colin and thats pretty much what i enjoy the most in life, so thats exactly what i do 🙂

How are things going with the recovery/injury:
I hurt my knee quite badly at last years Ghetto Jam but since its healed up and iv taken good care of it; its as strong as ever. I am injury free at the moment which is really nice
Nothing really bothering me while i ride so its all feeling very positive.

So what is on the cards next:
I would just like to keep focusing on filming and putting out edits as much as possible and definitely do some traveling next year. The focus is to be able to live the Dream as long as possible and only i can make that happen. So im going to keep pushing and most of all just enjoy every minute i spend on my bike 🙂

Frame: 21.25″ Mongoose ‘Stuart Loudon’ Sig Model
Fork: Primo Kamikaze 3
Stem: S&M XLT Race
Primo Integrated Headset
Bars: S&M Perfect 10
Grips: Primo Boy Twit Grip
Seat: Fiend Team
Post: Primo Pivotal
Pegs: Daylife Pc
Cranks: Fit Indent Cranks 170mm
Sprocket: Primo Neyerlator 30t
Chain: Shadow Half Link
Pedals: Fly Ruben PC
Front wheel: Primo VS Rim, Primo spokes, Primo N4 FL hub
Rear wheel: Primo VS Rim, Primo spokes, Primo Remix Cassette hub
Hub Guard: S&M Cymbal
Tires: United Direct 2.3″

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