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Colin’s Essentials

Colin gives us a break down of his 10 essential items for any trip.


1 : My Bike – Going anywhere without it just feels wrong

2 : Backpack – So everyone can put their shit inside and make it extra unpleasant pedaling to spots

3: Cameras – To document my surroundings and stack clips . [GoPro Hero 3 Black and Canon 600d]

4: Chargers – If you forget to pack these you’re pretty much screwed ( i did that once )

5: Laptop – To watch and review footage and pics while on the road / Feed my internet addiction

6: Gameboy – Some classic hand-held gaming to pass the time if needed

7: Headwear – To help me brave the scorching sun or cold nights

8: Music – Having your beats with a decent pair of head phones makes life that much better [shout out to skullcandy]

9: Footwear – Fortunately i have the luxury of taking 1 or 2 extra pairs on a trip to keep my feet feeling fresh [shout out to DC]

10: Shin Pads – After years of abusing my shins i treated myself to some Bicycle Union shin pads and now never ride without them.

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