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Couple extra photo’s

Couple weeks ago I posted a Photo Feature about some Basic BMX Tricks that you should now know how to do! These photo’s are some extra shots from that session, they aren’t exactly basic tricks (far from very fancy either) but we had alot of fun shooting these and messing about at the park seeing that it was so quite, for a change.

bmxdirect-schogn 3

bmxdirect-schogn 2

bmxdirect-schogn 1

bmxdirect-schogn 11

bmxdirect-schogn 9

bmxdirect-schogn 7

bmxdirect-schogn 6

bmxdirect-schogn 5

bmxdirect-schogn 4



Once again, thanks to Dane for helping out and Etnies for making this happen.

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