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Custom Completes Restocked

If you’re looking for a new setup and want something quite unique, look no further. We have some wicked new Custom Builds in stock.

Save yourself a load of cash by buying one of our Custom Builds. Cheaper than buying the parts desperately and better than what is currently on offer in the Complete Bike Range. If you like what you see below, but may not certain colour options, I an quite flexible when it comes to switching some of the parts out for another preferred size or colour. Simply ask and i’ll see what I can do for you.

United Rigal Custom Complete - 21″
United Rigal Custom Complete – 21.25″ – R11550.00
United Mothership Custom Complete - 21″
United Mothership Custom Complete – 21″ – R10950.00
Fit Aitken USA Custom Complete - 2075"
Fit Aitken USA Custom Complete – 20.75″ – R13650
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