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Dawn of the Dirt – Garden Route

This weekend saw the first dirt jumping competition happen at The Garden Route Trail Park. A new line of jumps and excited MTB and BMX riders was a recipe for an awesome day of action!

Riders from all over the country made their way to the bike park for Monster Energy’s Dawn of the Dirt. Justin Novella, Thomas Sandell, Rob and his team had been working hard making an amazing jump line extend from the pump track with some unique features, one of which is a log drop-off, separates it from the usual straight jump line.

A lot of riders made their way to The Bike Park on Friday to check out the line and enjoy the scenery. Saturday was game time and guys started warming up and getting used to the line. It didn’t take long before tricks started to get thrown down. Malcolm Peters was one of the first to get things dialled in and was tricking every jump and putting the crowds jaws on the floor. PE local David Rigby also didn’t take long to get upside down and throw a few flips mid line. Trail boss Justin, was dominating the MTB side of things and was flowing through the jumps with ease and showing the crowd his big bag of tricks.

After warm up the track was closed for a quick water and patch up, so some riders made their way to the bag jump to practice some more risky tricks.

The clouds rolled in and wind slowed to a breeze and the rain held off, so things were looking perfect. The intensity rose as the competition started with guys trying to link things together that they’d been practicing during warm ups and really gave the crowd a good show! In the end Justin took the crown as MTB champ and Malcolm’s bag of tricks was too big to match and he walked away with the BMX title.

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