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Featured: Fit Indent 24mm Crank set with Tool

One of my favorite products of 2014 was the 24mm Fit Indent crankset. Not only because I have been riding and travelling with them for a while now but also because they simply look awesome, are helluva strong and are so easy to work with. Here are some photo’s and additional info on a great set of cranks from Fit Bike Co.

Very light and very strong
BB Kit is included
Easy maintenance
Tough and reliable hardware

Only compatible with 15/16″ sprockets

Additional Specs:
Available in 170mm and 175mm lengths
Works with all 15/16” center bore sprockets (i.e USA made sprockets)
RHD / LHD compatible with two sprocket bolt locations
B/B Kit included (replacement bearings also available)
875g ex BB

Fit Indent 24mm Crank Set @ BMX Direct
One bad ass full chromoly crank set by Fit Bike Co. This is one of my favorite products of 2014.


Fit Indent 24mm Crank Set @ BMX Direct
Oversized arms with an ‘indented’ top and bottom arm section. This makes them extra rigid and less prone to denting. And possibly a little bit better to crank-arm-grind.
Fit Indent 24mm Crank Set @ BMX Direct
The price may seem a little steep at R2000.
However the price does include the 24mm Mid BB kit as well. So it works out to about the same price as a regular cranks like the Primo’s or United’s.
Fit Indent 24mm Crank Set @ BMX Direct
A massive, hollow 24mm spindle. Ultra strong. Hardware that accepts 8mm and 6mm allen keys.
Fit Indent 24mm Crank Set @ BMX Direct
Oversized bearings ensure a smoother more solid fit. Notice the large removal tool(sold separately), which makes it a cinch getting the arms on and off your bike. No more busted fingers or dented frames from that 5lb hammer.
Fit Indent 24mm Crank Set @ BMX Direct
Shown with Box and Tool. Get the FBC Indent install/removal tool FREE! Please purchase from this post using the Discount Code: indent-tool-free

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