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Getting good and fast!

I get these questions all the time. So for those of you looking to go big time; I’ve compiled a quick list that should help get you to the top in no time!

* Spend time on the bike, it doesn’t matter what your doing, keep your ass glued to the seat and pedal.
* Less talk, more ride. Nothing worse than being around a brat at the park who stands around talking shit all day.
* Buy better equipment. You wanna get big-time, well you can’t do it on a borrowed bike.
* Travel.
* Eat your vegetables, they will make you strong so you can bunny hop higher.
* Don’t be a jackass. You want people to take you seriously, then act like it.
* Make friends, talk to people, and be dependable.
* Your bike is a reflection of your capabilities, if it looks like shit you probably have too many stickers on it.

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