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GHETTO JAM #10 – 2015 Announcement

It’s definitely THAT time of year again!

10 years ago when I started this event I never had any idea that it would be as well supported as it is. 10 years later and still we are building awesome things for you to ride and have fun on. If you’ve been to a GJ, you’d soon realize it’s not about the prize money or the competition. You riding bike, having fun, piss balling around with mates and riders you’ve never met before- that is what I hope to achieve with this every single time. See you soon!

11th December : Friday – Amateur contest. 11am till 3pm
12th December : Saturday – Expert contest, Ledge Legends. 11am till 4pm
13th December : Sunday – Pro contest. 1pm till 4pm
(Schedule to be updated)

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