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I'm hitting the road! Hank in Asia

I’m hitting the road!

Join me on my adventures as I travel in and around Asia over the next 4 weeks. I’m hitting the road for a little bit, so I guess it’s Sawasdee, Sayonara and laters!!

It has been a while since I’ve gone on a solo travel trip with the bike. Couple years ago I did Thailand for a short bit and a while before that was the USA for the Interbike Trade Show. Because it has been a while and this trip is kinda special, I figured if I’m doing it, ima do it right!
If you would like to keep up with what I get up to while I am out and about, check in on this page and my facebook page. I will be posting photo’s and news of where and what I am getting up to fairly regularly. I have alot planned for the next few weeks while I’m away, so I hope you check in now and again. There is a little banner over on the right hand side of the web page for easy access. I’ll be using the handle #hankinasia for easy reference on all the social media sites.

If you follow closely and pay a little attention, you stand a good chance of being selected to win an awesome product hamper upon my return, I have tied in with Etnies SA and they said they have something special for the winner. But! enough of that here, read on about that in the giveaway page (soon).

Right, so, as I mentioned before, follow me on this page and/or on Instagram, FB and Twitter for daily photo updates of my trip. In here you will see my progress traveling, riding, chilling in 3 different Asian countries and get clues for my giveaway. Any questions or comments are welcome below in the Comments box!

If you are wondering about the shop. Things will run as usual. I have a very capable crew of hoodlums taking care of business while I’m away. If you need to contact me, best is email ( as my phone will be off, or if you need to contact the shop or someone in mail-order here is the new shop number: 078 270 6477 or use for queries.

Right, lets get on with it!

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