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Murray Loubser Q&A at BMX DIrect

Quick Q&A with Murray Loubser

Find out whats good with Murray Loubser. Murray dropped a couple edits over the past few weeks which we think you should see.

So whats your deal, name, age and where you reside
Well, I am Murray, Bruce, Themba, Loubser. I turned 18 in April this year, and I Iove to Bmx, eat and, surf. I have been living in Gansbaai since 2008, I spent the first 11 years of my life in CT. When I moved to G-bay, I started building some jumps with my dad’s help. I was riding a MTB bike at the time and switched to bmx 2 and a half years ago, after seeing Geoff and Casey Bryant ride Dirt Jumps in Piketberg.

Most your edits you seem to ride alone, do you ride alone or have regular guys you hang with?
Yeah I mostly ride by myself, but I do have two local mates that have recently started Bmxing who I ride with occasionally. I also go through to CT when I get a chance and ride with the gents there which is always a blast!

What keeps you inspired and motivated to ride?
I ride bmx cuz I love it, it’s just part of my life! I often pick up my bike and go for a cruise without even thinking about it. When I get a trick down that I have been working on it feels soo good. Watching local edits and gents ride, gets me super duper pumped to ride too.

Been to any recent BMX events?
Unfortunately, the last event I attended was the DUB Jam in CT.

Planning on traveling anytime soon, if so, when and where?
I don’t have any traveling plans at the moment.

How is school going?
I was home schooled most of my life, which was awesome, I have just finished school about a month and a bit ago, super stoked!

I noticed that you surf alot too, any favorite spots?
Yeah I love surfing too it’s the way I relax and soak in God’s creation. I rate my favorite spot as Yellow Rock.

Experienced the Durban surf yet?
Sadly not, but I really must mission up there to the warmer sea and all.

Any plans for the rest of the year?
I am just going to carry on enjoying my riding and blessings!

Solyx Films has been a great support to my bmxing. Shout out to them and most of all God!

Thanks for your time!

**Thumbnail photo Cred: Jason Prins.

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