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Team BMX Direct : Eric Garbers -Namibia

Some things take time and this has been a long time in the works…

I think I first met Eric about 10 years ago. A young kid who was super cool dude who I think slept on my floor at the old HQ over the weekend of a Ghetto Jam… Oh, man the impression he must have had of BMX Direct! I mean coming from a very remote Windhoek and then being immersed into the rowdiest crazyiest weekend of the BMX year in South Africa. Fast forward 10 years and this dude is still the quiet humble guy who is now doing things with Red Bull, Conservation and very much shreds the local scene in the Namib..and is now riding for us!

Why it took nearly 2 years to get dude on board is a whole ‘nother story, welcome aboard dude!

Check out Erics’ brand new Wethepeople Pathfinder below.

See Erics’ amazing Instagram Stories and the “@RhiniMommaProject” Campaign:

See the rest of our fabulous Team here: TEAM BMX DIRECT SOUTH AFRICA. 


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