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The Cape, In Jozi.

The crazy people over at Day-Life along with some friends decided to take a last minute trip to JHB over the Easter weekend.

The original plan was to mission towards PE, however the weather there wasn’t looking to promising so the gents decided the night before to head on down to JHB. It is a long drive and the dudes ended up getting here a little later then expected, you could see all they wanted to do was sesh as soon as they got here.
We pretty much went on a mission to session all the parks in JHB as the guys in Cape Town don’t really have much tranny to ride. Buddy Chellan was along for the ride and him and Jason Hood were boosting the hell out of every quarter they could find. You can tell they only ride street, with Brandon Blight doing hop 5s clean and Dean Bailey doing every bar combo you can think of, I witnessed him nollie to smith to bar on a flat ledge clean as a whistle. The Cape Town guys murder any street style obstacle, Thanks to Day-Life for coming down and making my weekend awesome, Werner Hendrich is a boss.

Really awesome sequence of Buddy Chellan.




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