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Jason-Prins- Youtube Edit

The Jason Prins Edit

So stoked to see this new edit out of Cape Town. Jasons’ storm has been brewing for sometime and it’s now about ready to break. I got a lil more info about the edit from Jason, read on.

Give us all the usual in: name, age, where you live.
Jason Prins, I am 17 years of age, live in Goodwood, Cape Town. Riding for 3 years and 4 days.

Who do you usualy ride with?
I usually ride with Brendan Steyn, Jody Paulse and Werner Matthee or just anyone that’s amped on riding.

How often do you ride?
I ride at least 3 times a week, depending on the amount of work I have to complete.

what did you battle with the most in this edit?
The trick I battled the most with was the 720 on the roller, it was quite difficult to pull as I couldn’t get enough air,I was very stoked on landing it.

How long did it take to film?
The edit was filmed over the course of 4 days, however I got injured twice on two of those occasions. The weather did not stop Myself and Clint from filming,as the weather was great!so that wasn’t a challenge.

Any advice to others filming edits?
I would advise other riders to always be positive while filming, secondly I would advise them to do their Bangers on the last day of filming , because if one gets injured , you’ll still have enough clips to make the edit.

Any plans to ride Ghetto Jam this year?
I’ll be making my way to Durban at the end of they year, I just want to get out and ride new spots and different skateparks, I’ll be riding the ghetto jam this year.

Shout outs?
First and foremost, I would like to thank Clint Scients Jacobus for helping me film and supporting me. I would also like to thank all the riders I’ve met along the way for always pushing, motivating and inspiring me. I would also like to thank my parents and my girlfriend for always supporting and believing in me.

>> Look out for a photo feature and bike check with Jason next week.

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