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    BMX Direct

      After nearly 15 years riding the same frames I can sat S&M is still my fave. Ain’t she sexy?

      Where’s yours?





      James Brawn

        I’m going to go with Fit. Right now the team is pretty great, Ethan is awesome along with Spriet etc. Products are good and they put out a lot of content.

        WTP/Eclat is close 2nd also with a great team, products and constant content coming online.

        BMX Direct

          I’m stoked Brad Sims is on the Fit Team now as well. Dude is a killer.

          The Yeti

            That’s a HAWT bike, Hank.

            I’m 100% ambivalent about brands, but I have always liked Fit, S&M, and Primo. The old staples.


            Here’s what I’m on:

            The Yeti's SE (Probably)


              Of course, without a doubt, Merida!

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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