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TSG in house

Lately there has been a big drive to get riders to wear the correct protective gear. You may just well think ‘a helmet is a helmet’ right? Well, check this out, you may just be surprised…

Up till about 6 weeks ago we used to stock and sell the ever popular ‘Bucky’ helmet, this is (or was) the helmet to wear. I say ‘used to’ as there is now new research which has come to light that that particular helmet is actually NOT SAFE. The ARF is a foundation in the USA looking out for Professional BMX athletes that have become injured, some seriously, while riding there bikes. Because of the dramatic increase of  big time Pro’s that have injured themselves ‘on the job’ the ARF have started to look at BMX  protective gear more closely. Without having to rehash all the info ESPN have done a good job of an article here.

The bottom line is that the Bucky helmet, and a few others, are not safe for BMX, the video below shows with convincing proof that it could even be fatal. Read the article and watch the video, it’s your brain, take care of it. I’m not telling you to buy a brand new helmet, but please be aware of the dangers of wearing a non-certified lid and what this means to your head when, god forbid, you land  on it.

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