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Vikki. Flatland. Watch. Now.

This is crazy. Who thought riding a lil bicycle would get you so far and on to crazy projects like this!
Vikki shows just why he IS one of the best on the planet.

“After almost 5 years of development, 3 days of preparation and 8 hours of shooting, This is the first BMX clip ever filmed combining : 4K Ultra high definition, PHANTOM Ultra slow motion and a 75 dslr CamArray.
Enjoy BMX flatland legend Viki Gomez in an epic link, filled with his creative and stylish riding. Directed by Christian Van Hanja, with the support of Propulsion, Sub-lab, Ciné-Motion-Lab, Ciné-lum and Profoto.”

A momentary lapse of riding. from ART BMX MAGAZINE on Vimeo.

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