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Yo Jozi! Check out YBF Plaza

There is a new Park on the block and this one seems to be half decent, for a change.

I ranted a while back about the state of public skateparks in SA. The skatepark situation in SA is still pretty crappy. Thanks to fraud, corruption and the local skate/BMX industry not having the money to build and/or maintain parks, it seems we still have a long way to go before S.A starts pushing out international class riders on the reg.
Sure, we have bigger issues such as crime, poverty and everything else. But if we aren’t keeping our kids off the streets and occupied with positive activities where would they be… anyway. A couple of months ago long time friend and ramp mechanic ‘Fran’ dropped me some photo’s over whatsapp of a project they were working on in Jozi. Francois and the crew from Spyda ramps are wizards when it comes to shaping concrete and building parks for Government and private jobs alike. Ok, so the setup at the brand new YBF Plaza is not exactly ground breaking in the sense that it has big tranny and challenging hand rails and what-not, but it sure is a step in the right direction from what can be seen in Ryan Jarretts‘ edit below. Listen to what some of the riders and skaters have to say, I’m pretty sure this place is going to be a popular spot.
Let us try and support this cause, even if it does cost a couple bucks to session and having to listen to someone telling you to put your helmet back on, it is a small price to pay for something decent to ride!

“The street style Plaza setup has been getting rave reviews by Skaters and Bmxer’s alike. Opening on first March the park is set to be one of the new favourites among Joburg locals, it is situated at Kings School, 54 Hornbill Rd, Douglasdale, just north of Johannesburg. Any further queries either go to, contact YBF on facebook ( or give them a call on 011 704 3051.”

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