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Eric in the wild!

A quick fire round of clips from Eric Garbers up in Namibia. Check out his latest offering of clips from the streets and dirt.
Love this dudes style! Welcome to the team bro!

I fired Eric a few questions about his scene to get a feel for whats going on in Nam at the moment.

Who, What, Where…

My Name is Eric Garbers I am 26 years old and I am from Windhoek Namibia. I ride a custom Paradox build from Wethepeople bike.

What is your daily schedule?

My daily schedule is a mixture between university studies, work and riding my bike.

Where/ what do you usually ride?

During the week I usually ride at the little skate aid skate park and a bit of street. Saturdays I only ride street and Sundays we hit the trails.

How many guys in your crew?

We are normally three guys that always ride everything together and a few other guys joins us depending what we ride that day between street, trails or park.

What is the deal with the rhinos?

I have always been very fascinated by Rhinos. In 2019 I had this idea to shoot this photo with a wild rhino to enter for the Red Bull Illume competition and we also filmed a side documentary of everything. The trick I chose was a flair because flair and flare(like the ones you use in an emergency) sound very similar and the idea was to highlight that rhinos are in desperate need for help from all the poaching. So the project was “flair for the rhinos” and this project was to
give some awareness for the rhinos in Namibia. Out of 59551 photo entries this photo made it to the semi-finalist top 260 and was printed in the limited edition Red Bull Illume Photobook 2019.

Your favourite trick right now?

I really like the feeling of tail whips. Switch whips are my favorite on trails.

Best place/ spot you have ever ridden?

Cape Town is amazing. But Ghetto Jam has always been my favourite. Just the whole vibe at the comps and DIY features was so much fun to ride.

Plans for the future?

Ride my bike as long as I possibly can and travel to different competitions.

Build and expand the trails spot we have and get more kids into bmxing.

Do more road trips to South Africa with a few guys for them to also experience the competitions and the whole BMX scene.

Finish the sentence: “I’d like to see: …… “

The Namibia BMX scene grow and maybe one day get a proper skate park for more kids to enjoy.


Cheers Eric!


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