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Andrew Taylor photography-244

Klein Fiets Konfyt – 23rd Sept 2017

The rundown: the jam was unfortunately rained out on Saturday the 23Rd, luckily the guys at Mallaz customs have a indoor mini ramp in one of their workshops and didn’t mind hosting a hord of rag tag freestyle bmxers in their workshop, which made for a amazing afternoon of riding, as well as throwing together a few random grind ledges (borrowed from Darren Duck Oakley) a rail and a bank thrown together on the day, the guys had an amazing time, refreshment from Monster was bought through by Colin Loudon.

Sunday the 24th: mayhem, when a bunch of the guys arrived late, the wind was blasting, we were all excited, turnout for the amateurs was minimal and experts were also only a handful so we opted to mix the two groups to create the Amsperts (whom entertained the crowds for about 45minutes) including a nasty fall and some incredibly close calls the dudes shredded leaving the results as follows:
3rd : Maciej Nelson
2nd : Jean Snoer
1st : Dimitrii Li
Spot prizes
Good guy nice try: Brandon Grunewald (Whom fell, fixed his bike, snapped his chain, borrowed my bike and still managed to ride)
Real am:Dre Naidoo (first time in a bmx contest riding way out of his league)
The Pros
It was incredible, making judging one of the toughest I’ve ever had to do, with allot of running around and deliberating we eventually came up with a list of spot prizes for the Pro class so it was fair.
If I could have given everyone a prize I would have, the guys killed it.
Mr session: Darren Duck Oatley DBN (didn’t stop riding for 45 minutes and threw down some incredible runs.)
Mr flow: Tim Bently PMB (smooth as silk, flipped everything, throwing flairs everywhere)
Big Trick: Eric Garbers NAM (massive 360 to flat) This guy traveled from Windheok for this event and rode like a demon.
Big Tech: Murray Loubser CPT (Gapped the box to down ledge Smith) Murray flew in from Capetown.
WILD AS F#CK: Vincent Leygonie JHB ( Going high, fast and throwing down tricks that shouldn’t have been possible in that wind)
Overall rider of the Class: Nathi Steeze Nkosi JHB (Dialed, smooth, technical, rode the entire park effortlessly and just generally smashed it to pieces)
The event was a massive success and would not have been possible with out the inputs from Fox, Monster and BMX Direct.
Thank you for helping us keep the sport we love alive.


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