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We have a new website YEAH!!!

Go SHORTY! 20 years in and we thought it was time for a new website.

A new website is a wonderful thing. A better shopping experience, faster loading times….whatever! I know you aint bothered with the details. I’m just here to tell you a little more about some of the features which will hopefully make your life a little bit easier when spending time on our spiffy new online catalog.

Here goes:

A currency converter for dudes outside of the South African borders. Yep, we do ship all over Africa and beyond. Just holler mang!

Improved Search capabilities. Simply type in, for example “pink” or “frame” or “2.35” and the results will pop up with your word highlighted for easy reading.

A functional Wishlist that you may now save items for a later time when you are ready to order.

A new Back Order system, where you can order and pay for items early. Items that have not yet arrived in South Africa. That way you can secure those parts you really want before everyone else knows about them. You can find that page here.

Bundled products. Now we can offer COMBO DEALS and great discounts when we have items we wish to offer together.

Forums are back online, so if you prefer getting your product support, advice or just talk some ish with other riders, check it out here: Forums

New Team pages featuring our Instagram feed. Here: Team Page

An awesome mobile interface which i think is one of the better ones out there. Simple fast and direct.


That’s about it. Enjoy your time on our new website.



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